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Your own combination of consumables, spare parts, screws, rivets, combined with the fitting tools cased in foam, all well fitted into a box – that´s what FOAMBOXX is all about!

Use our online box-configurator to individually fill your personal box with inserts and customized foam-inserts. Please contact us to gain access to our new online box-configurator FOAMBOXX – we will instantly create an account for you.

And our customers are happy, too: “We launched the online box-configurator FOAMBOXX in September 2017. The response we received from the market for our combination of individualized raaco products with our established custom foam-inserts was positive across the board.”

Knut Hermes, Founder and Proprietor of foamboxx GmbH




Create your personal box in just a few steps with our innovative and user-friendly online box-configurator FOAMBOXX.

Create a new project. Manage as many projects as needed in your project-list.

Pick the box that fits the most to your project needs from our wide range of available boxes.

Plan your box and add the inserts you need. Don´t worry about mix-ups: our editor will only offer fitting inserts to your box.

If needed, add a custom foam insert to your box and fill in all the tools needed from our database.

Alternatively, use the FOAMBOXX scan-mat to add your own tools to the online box-configurators database.

The project-list shows all your custom boxes including prices. Shortly after assigning, you will receive your custom box.

Are you interested?
Do you want to try our box-configurator?
Check out our »demo version or »register for the full version.





The quality demands for our product range start with the choice of special synthetics for boxes and first-class foam materials in PE that are optimized to their operational purpose. Documented goods inwards inspection, process monitoring, series-accompanying tests up to audited shipment, guarantee a high-end product.


Our specialized staff take care of the manufacturing of foams and packing of the boxes as customized by our customers. From one-offs to bulk ordering we assure shortest production times and fastest delivery by keeping our production lean.


Our boxes are designed for highest stability and tenability in use. The box itself is made of impact resistant Polypropylene and the lid from break-proof Polycarbonate. First-class PE foam materials in different grades with contour-proof milled-out portions guarantee optimized application.

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Since 1956, raaco has developed and manufactured innovative, streamlined and space-saving storage systems for use in both industry and by professional craftspeople the world over.
raaco’s systems are made to create order. With the full raaco range of practical solutions, everything and anything can be organised and stored for easy access – small items, tools, equipment and accessories. It makes your everyday work a lot easier, and it saves you time, space and money. Over the years, raaco has received numerous international awards for its outstanding industrial design. That sort of recognition is something to live up to, which is why we put as much emphasis on our systems’ functionality as we do their durability. We’re also very focused on ensuring the environmentally responsible development and operation of our business. That means that we make every effort to cause the least possible impact to our employees and the environment. We do this through creating a good physical and psychological working environment and by making robust, environmentally responsible solutions that feature excellent durability – for the benefit of both the individual user and the environment.

Tecsafe is foam made to measure.
Since its foundation in 2010 with the vision to create first-class foam-inserts to benefit a range of industries, Tecsafe is constantly growing under the lead of the Hermes family. Tecsafes foam-inserts set standards: By combining selected materials, a tailor-made online-configurator and one of the best 3D construction tools, Tecsafe is able to generate millimeter-proof drafts and produce with highest process velocity – starting from lot size 1.